22 February, 2010

Hello and Welcome


Coming from a family that has gone through two tragic still births, I have decided I want to “give something back” My poor mother had her first still birth son, John when she was only 17, she was away from her family and her husband was over seas with the army, she went through it alone and scared. Although it was years later, and she had my Dad with her, it was’nt any easier when she had her second still birth son, Patrick.

So with the help of my husband I have set up this charity -

Stillbirth & Still Loved’ is a Galway-based Non-Profit organization established in 2010. Our primary goal is to create and donate hand made baby blankets and funeral gowns to mothers of stillborn babies. then at the end of summer, I will surprise my Mother and ask her to come with me as we hand them into our local hospital.

For everyone that donates I will hold a raffle and the winner will get an "Irish" theme care package, everyone who contributes will receive a Thank you card also.